About us

We are "VOCES"

We are “VOCES”

Miracles are. Well, they aren’t, but people tend to think about rare and sudden phenomena as if they were miracles. And they are right, to a certain extent: these phenomena are miraculous, even though they may be brought to life be “common” people.

This ensemble is a miraculous thing: a dozen people, who manage to bootstrap themselves to the next level every month.

Zoltán BARTKO, István BENCSIK, Attila “Nagyfej” [BigHead] BODNÁR, Andrea FERENCEI, Andrea GABLYASZ, Ágnes HORNYÁK, Gabriella HORNYÁK, Jenő JUHÁSZ, Emőke PALLÉR, Mária VELKEY and  Katalin PATAY (2008-2009),  Ottó BODNÁR (2008-2009):

We are “VOCES”!

As it all began

It was in the fall of 2007, when Zoltán BARTKO, the manager of the ensemble, having approximately 10 years of choir singing experience, started to play with the idea of creating a vocal ensemble – one which could sing beautiful songs in many voices. Since in Kassa [the Hungarian name for the city of Košice, Slovakia] and in the vicinity of the city there was no ensemble matching his requirements, he decided to find somebody, who could become the artistic director of a new vocal group and somebody, whom he could rely on. So he went on persuading Andrea FERENCEI, the leader of the children’s choir Csengettyű [Little Bell], until she took the position. The time had come to find the group members.

The two had set up simple criteria for the perspective members – they were looking for lively, honest people with good voices, good “ears”, who were intelligent, hardworking and willing to learn new things. The headcount had been set to at most 12 people. They had succeeded, so, finally, they managed to get together the best ethnic Hungarian amateur choir singers they could find in their home city and its vicinity to make the dream come true. The miracle was on the way in 2008 and in September 2008 the group “VOCES” went live…

Our work

The first year was all about getting accustomed to each other and fond of each other – it was the time when we shared laughter, meals and drinks at our rehearsals. We had learned a lot – not only about and from the music, but about each other and ourselves, too: it was mainly self-esteem, endurance, courage, just to mention the most important things. And, last, but not least we managed to study and perform a 23-piece concert we called “From the Renaissance to Blues and Back Again”, which is a thing we can really be proud of.

At the end of 2009, in our second season we have again jumped headfirst into the unknown: we performed a new advent and Christmas concert called Harmonia Caelestis Minor [Small Celestial Harmony], together with the Csengettyű childrens’ and girls choir. Nevertheless, we still have plenty of things to do – our plans include a visit to Szepsi [Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia] this year and we have to produce our first studio recording ever.


Our fortune is in our own hands – we are doing our best to maintain the love and respect to the Lord in the Heavens, the Music, our fellow singers and the audience, in order to bring ever better choir music to lovers of good music, no matter if they live near of far.