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Image: Edvard MunchThe lonely ones

You ask me why don’t I smile,
why am I so sad tonight…
I have old things on my mind,
I see your old clothes fly towards me…

If I have a look around us, within us,
I see no great change.
We still have some flowers on the table,
almost as many as before…

However, a spring long gone attracts me,
a flame long dead burns in my soul…
And it seems to me that you’re a woman
just like any other.

Our first album, entitled  ”From the Renaissance to Blues and back again“ [A Reneszánsztól a Blues-ig és vissza] contains our first own melody: Routine [Megszokás] – the poem of the Hungarian poet  Dezső Kosztolányi has been set to music by Zoltán Bartko:

The images used in the video are the paintings of the Norvegian painter Edvard Munch.

If you liked the video, contact us so that we can let you know, as soon as the album is out.

Yours truly

Ensemble VOCES